Cookbook Review: Energy Bites

Zoe’s Take:


I like these energy bites. They actually taste pretty good. I’m generally not a fan of dates, but i think pairing them with a variety of mix-ins created a homogeneous product that tasted good and didn’t throw my taste buds in any weird directions. The biggest problem I had with these are that they are incredibly messy to make (dates are crazy sticky) and more time consuming to make then what they actually are.  They are pretty healthy and very sweet, so they work for a dessert if you’re trying to watch your sugar intake.

Eric’s Take


This was a fun recipe and tasted much better than I expected. I ended up making these for a party and they went very quickly. The only problem is they’re VERY heavy. I could only eat three on an empty stomach before I was full. I take this as a good thing. It’s a great and tasty way to get some energy without too much added sugar. They are incredibly messy to make, but you can utilize all the ingredients without much waste. The proportions were also well measured. This made it easy to half the recipe. Overall this was one of the best thought-out recipe we looked at this month.

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