Finding a New Year’s Party

Well, 2018 has come and gone. If you’re like us, we like to ring the New Year in right. Finding a party might be a bit daunting though. Here’s three easy tips to have a great New Year’s!

Look at Your Favorite Bar/Restaurant

Most bars and restaurants host some sort of party on New Year’s Eve. These may be ticketed, or first-come-first-serve. This year, Eric’s favorite bar is closing on New Year’s Day. So that decision was easy. They’re having a prix fixe menu and seating is limited, requiring a reservation. This is certainly a great way to guarantee your drink/meal will be good. Check with your favorite place and see what they’re doing!

Google It!

If you don’t have a favorite place, or you like spontaneity, we recommend our friend Google! No matter the city, a quick search of “New Year’s Events” will yield some good results. Eventbrite is a great source of events as well. You may even be able to find some events on Groupon.

Just Wing It!

Some of the best parties we’ve attended were spontaneous. Often we’ll pick the city first, and then just wander around until we find something fun. Eric’s done this in Provincetown, MA; Portland, ME; and Worcester, MA. Most events will charge a cover. These can range from $20-$100. Be prepared to walk around in the cold and you may find a great new place to celebrate.

No matter what you do, always have a good time. We like to have two common denominators to our New Year’s: Friends and Champagne!

Tell us below what your New Year’s traditions are!

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