Morning Orgasm Cocktail: Cookbook Review Balaboosta

Zoe’s Take:

This was a really good drink (and I don’t drink bubbly stuff). Obviously, I would never choose this as a drink, because bubbles hurt my nose. But the taste was very good. Pomegranate juice, sugar, rose water and champagne? Those are the ingredients for a very tasty drink. AND, if you can’t or don’t like alcohol, you could always substitute with seltzer or something to make a non-alcoholic version that would still taste amazing!

Eric’s Take:

Reading the recipe for this drink I was really excited. It seemed like an expertly crafted beverage. The pomegranate juice is deliciously tart. The rose water adds a subtle floral taste that is unmistakable. It rounds out the pomegranate, and with the sugar cube, the sweetness completes the picture. The sugar also acts as a disruptor causing the champagne to continue to bubble. However, the campaign overpowered the drink and I found it lacking that wow-factor I was hoping for. I’m not sure if it would have tasted better with a different brand or not. The rose was also a bit too subtle. It was there, but hard to find. I think that I may play around with the amounts for this in the future, because it has potential to reach a 10! I also may replace the champagne with soda water, lemon juice and vodka. That combination would likely work just as well.

Morning Orgasm Cocktail
  • 8/10
    Zoe's Take - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Eric's Take - 7/10
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