Personal Shepard’s Pie

My biggest problem with shepard’s pie actually has nothing to do with the food itself. My problem is that many people refer to the same dish made with beef as shepard’s pie. That is incorrect, the food of this type made with beef is called cottage pie. All I ask is that you get it right.

Lamb is a much appreciated dish in my house. We don’t eat it a lot, but when I make it, it’s always something different and special. I enjoy the gaminess, I think it adds another layer to this dish without having to add anything. If you don’t enjoy that kind of gaminess, use beef instead. But remember, don’t call it shepard’s pie, call it cottage pie.

I also want to make a quick clarification for those that keep kosher. If you’d like to make this, don’t add butter and milk to your mashed potatoes, you can use oil and non-dairy milk, or just skip the milk altogether (oh, and skip the cheese).

You can find my recipe here.

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