Eggy in a Basket

I don’t want to bore you with a long story about how I got into this fantastic breakfast, but there is in fact a story. So I’ll keep it short, and sweet.

I saw V for Vendetta (my favorite movie btw) when I was young. It came out in 2005, and I was 13. What always stuck in my mind is when V made Evie an eggy in a basket. It was made for her again by another character later in the movie. Her joy at eating one, as well as the happiness V seemed to feel when she ate it made me curious.

However, I did not eat one until college. My partner, Ryan, saw V for Vendetta with me for the first time, and noticed how excited and happy I got when V made it. So he made one for me. Now, we have them regularly, for breakfast and dinner.

They’re pretty easy to make. All you need is bread, butter and a single egg. And maybe some salt and pepper as well.

The hardest part of making an Eggy in a Basket is flipping it and not breaking the yolk. The easiest part? Eating it.

Find the recipe here.

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