Quick and Easy Arancini: Cookbook Review

Zoe’s Take:

I can make risotto in my sleep so these were not so difficult to do for me. However, the size they wanted was a little big for me. I would have definitely preferred smaller ones. The taste however was fantastic. I wish I had added some sundried tomatoes with the peas, but I will next time.

Eric’s Take:

I thought this recipe was fantastic. The overall flavor was delicious, the mushroom risotto and peas were earthy and fresh, with a wonderful creaminess. I had two issues with the recipe. First, the instructions say to use a box mix of risotto, preparing as instructed. However, brands vary and mine (I believe) was a bit too wet. The other issue was how heavy these were. These, in theory, should be an appetizer. However, after two I was full. Overall I can overlook those details, because it was a fun, tasty and easy recipe.

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