Zoe’s Chocolaty Bacon Eclairs

Eclairs are an amazing dessert. When I was young I used cannoli and eclair interchangeably. Yes yes I know that’s basically sacrilege, but I’m really into desserts and I was too young to know the difference.

But these are all eclair. I won’t be providing you with the recipe because I will be doing a whole segment on desserts later this year, so if you’re really into it, stay tuned for that.

These eclairs are the perfect munchie. Rich chocolate mixes with espresso and a touch of chili pepper, a slightly crunchy pate au choux, and delicious bacon jam with caramelized onions. Sweet, savory and umani in all the best ways.

(and they’re really easy to make into an edible… )

It’s important to note that eclairs are incredibly time consuming to make if you’ve never made them before.

BUT! If you’re not about making your own, you could always buy some and add your own bacon mixture to the top of it!

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